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Competitive Advantage

The Company’s core strength lies within the fact that its invention does not only exist in theory. The product's practicality and effectiveness was proven via a preliminary prototype built by the founder and inventor of the AB Engine design. The inventor has already been able to build and test the proposed design within a personally owned vehicle. The efficiency results were very promising and significantly exceeded the performance of today’s conventional automobiles. Company has also built an electric generator prototype based on an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) design, which confirmed the theory around optimal fuel efficiency yet again. The ability to obtain similar prototype results in both instances not only indicates consistency with the proposed theory, but also is indicative of the fact that the design is simple enough to replicate and mass-produce. This fact removes any dependency on interpretation of complex engineering theory and indicates that once the design is revealed, it can be successfully replicated and marketed on a massive scale. This, combined with the ideal timing of the invention’s introduction to the global market, forms the basis for the Company’s core strengths and competitive advantage.


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