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Intake Stroke Stage - 3


Stage 3 of the intake Stroke:

         Both engine pistons have reached the maximum VEab and VEC indicating that the intake Stroke is finished

         AB Engine has expanded the trapped intake gas in the combustion chamber, lowering pressure and temperature according to an adiabatic process

         During expansion 2-3 in the AB Engine, the gas did work WX1 which is shown on the P-V diagram. This work can be positive or negative depending on the pressure in the crankshaft area.

         At this point, high pressure intake valves are closed in both engines

         After closing the high pressure valve, the AB Engine controller sends an open signal for the AB Engine Low Pressure Intake Valve to stay open for the remaining engine cycle

         Conventional engine finishes intake Stroke with an initial T1 and P1 gas pressure and temperature in combustion chamber

         Both engines have the combustion chamber filled with the amount of gas necessary for maximum power output from each cycle

         This point is also the beginning of the Compression Stroke for both engines



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