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Compression Stroke Stage - 1


Stage 1 of the Compression Stroke:

·         AB Engine piston reaches the V2 position, producing the same magnitude of work, -WX1, as at stage 3 (Intake Stroke), but of opposite sign. This means that the net work produced by the AB Engine from point 2 to 3 and back to 2 on P-V diagram is Zero. It is a well know effect of an adiabatic process called “reversibility.”

·         Temperature and Pressure in AB Engine Combustion chamber are the same as initial T1 = Tatm and P1 = Patm.

·         Conventional engine is compressing gas at this point

·         In part, the purpose of calculating V2 is to satisfy the equation:

The conditions of this equation set a similar gas compression ratio (for the same gas-fuel mixture) in the AB Engine as in the conventional engine by the end of compression stroke.




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